Japan - Touchdown in Tokyo

Japan - Touchdown in Tokyo

Country number three on our trip!  

Both Bali and Japan are islands, separated from a continent, but nothing could be further apart from one another in spirit. So the change of pace and style is distinct as soon as we touch down.. 

Both Lisa and I have been to Japan in the past, however, it's always a fresh experience in the land of the rising sun.  

Our first stop is the insane neon city of Tokyo. A beautiful city. Full of light, sound and technology, raging day and night out of every alleyway and rooftop. 

Sprawling and tightly packed with people, the city feels endless.  

Only a few days here for us, before we move out of the big cities and into the mountains, so we will enjoy the whiskey fuelled Karaeke sessions and train station theme tunes while we can!